Analytics Consulting


To achieve and maintain profitability in today’s highly competitive banking and financial marketplace, Community Banks and Credit Unions need access to agile data analysis capabilities and IT processes to enable them make faster, effective and profitable decisions. With these institutions collecting increasingly vast amounts of data, there is a great opportunity to leverage the power of Predictive Analytics to help them extract value from these data to support their strategic objectives and priorities.

Our Advisory Analytic Processes are specially designed to assist Community Banks, Credit Unions and smaller Financial Institutions to lay the right foundation to facilitate the successful transition from traditional descriptive reporting to the application of Predictive Analytics to help them achieve their risk management, marketing and profitability objectives.

The benefits from our graduated approach to the deployment of Predictive Analytics at smaller financial institutions reach across several areas:

  • Help institutions identify and prioritize the analytic projects with the highest return on investment.
  • Assist in the alignment of the use of data and analytics to help organizations improve the effectiveness of their marketingand risk management strategic objectives.
  • Assist in the formulation of a gradual deployment of processes: IT systems and the technical skills needed to support theanalytics transformation initiative.
  • Minimize the initial investment needed to demonstrate the benefits and value of Predictive Analytics with specially selected
  • prototype projects.

Contact us at your convenience to learn more about how our Advisory Analytic Services can help your institution achieve and sustain a real competitive advantage with Predictive Analytics.

Credit Risk Analytics

Leverage Credit Risk Scorecards to identify loan ‘red flags’, reduce losses and grow profits.

Deposit Profitability Modeling

Predictive Models to forecast the stability and profitability of deposit levels across time.

Capital Adequacy

Know the Capital Reserve requirements needed to survive unexpected credit losses.

ALM Modeling

Measure the impact of changes in interest rates on NII, NEV, capital adequacy and profitability.