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Credit Risk Analytics is a critical risk management function that provides financial institutions the quantiative tools and capabilities needed to enable them identify, quantify and manage risk in their credit decisions and loan portfolios. It is a fundamental and essential process required to help guide financial institutions on a path to financial stability, solvency and profitability.

Strategic Analytic Solutions offers Credit Risk Analytic Services to assist financial institutions manage risk, reduce losses and boost profits with Credit Risk Modeling services with benefits that extend across several areas:

  • REDUCE CREDIT LOSSES: Predictive Credit Scorecards to assist financial institutions improve the accuracy and profitability of credit granting and credit monitoring processes.
  • GROW AND RETAIN DEPOSITS: Predictive models to analyze and predict deposit growth, deposit retention and deposit profitability.
  • DETERMINE REQUIRED CAPITAL RESERVES: Development of analytical models to help institutions estimate the optimal levels of capital reserves that are correlated with portfolio risk.
  • IMPROVE COLLECTIONS AND RECOVERY: Development of custom models to optimize collections recoveries and optimize the allocation of resources to support collection strategies.

Our Analytic Services are flexible and are specially tailored to meet the needs and capabilities of smaller financial institutions.

Bank Analytics

Leverage Predictive Analytics to grow market share, increase revenue and improve profitability.


Develop Predictive Models to analyze and forecast the stability, runoff rates and profitability of deposit levels across time.

Capital Adequacy

Develop Credit Risk Models and estimate the capital reserve levels that correlate with portfolio risk.

ALM Modeling

Measure the impact of changes in interest rates on NII, NEV, capital adequacy and profitability.

Increase Profits

  • Unleash the value
  • and opportunities hidden
  • in the data with
  • Predicitve Analytics.

Get More Customers

  • Acquire, retain and grow
  • profitable customer relationships
  • with data-driven
  • marketing decisions.

Manage Risk

  • Leverage Predictive Analytics
  • to proactively identify,
  • monitor, manage and control
  • balance sheet risks.

Our Approach

  • Start small and expand
  • capabilities driven by
  • success and performance
  • improvements.