Credit Risk Analytics for Community Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions

Unleash the power of your data to increase Net Interest Income, manage and control Interest Rate Risks, improve marketing effectiveness, grow market share and maximize asset performance leveraging the power oztf Predictive Analytics.

Our Banking Analytics Solutions combine the power of Data and Credit Risk Analytics to provide Community Bans, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions actionable, proactive information about credit risks, loan performance, delinquencies, collection rates, marketing effectiveness and changes in customers’ preferences to allow them stay ahead of ‘credit red flags’ and put in place effective loss prevention and risk mitigating measures and controls with the information and insights derived from custom Credit Risk Models to improve profitability and give them an edge on the competition.

Our organization offers Banking Analytics Solutions as a key driver of profitability that leverages Data and Predictive Analytics to help Community Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions identify, manage and control the impact of potential adverse credit, market or economic events on Net Income, Capital Levels, Deposit Growth, Loan Performance and long-term profitability. The benefits of our solutions extend across several areas:

Increase Net Interest Income, Manage and Control Interest Rate Risks, Reduce Loan Losses, Improve Collections, Grow Deposits, Optimize Capital, Optimize liquidity, Reduce Balance Sheet Risks and Optimize Marketing Spend.

Our Consulting Services are specially designed to incorporate and maximize the use of data, information and capabilities our clients currently have.

Credit Risk Analytics

Leverage Credit Risk Scorecards to identify loan ‘red flags’, reduce losses and grow profits.

Deposit Profitability Modeling

Predictive Models to forecast the stability and profitability of deposit levels across time.

Capital Adequacy

Know the Capital Reserve requirements needed to survive unexpected credit losses.

ALM Modeling

Measure the impact of changes in interest rates on NII, NEV, capital adequacy and profitability.

Marketing Analytics

For Community Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions focused on growth, the adoption and deployment of Predictive Models to support marketing programs is a cost-effective, data-driven process to help these institutions achieve their strategic marketing objectives.

Our Marketing Analytics Services introduce a data-driven approach to identify the drivers of profitability.

Our Marketing Analytic Services are designed on a flexible ‘Test and Learn’ process that enables financial institutions to test the effectiveness of different marketing programs, product offerings, price promotions to identify and learn from those that yield the highest customer acceptance and response rates.

Analytics Advisory Services

As financial institutions collect increasingly large volumes of customer, product, service, price and campaign response data, there is a great opportunity to leverage the power of Predictive Analytics to extract and capture the value hidden in the data and help them achieve their strategic objectives and profitability targets.

To achieve and maintain profitability in today’s competitive banking and financial markets, Community Banks and Credit Unions need access to cost effective Predictive Analytic to enable them make faster and profitable decisions. Our Advisory Analytic Processes are specially designed to assist Community Banks, Credit Unions and smaller Financial Institutions to establish the right foundation to facilitate a successful transition from traditional descriptive reporting to the application of Predictive Analytics and help them achieve their risk management, marketing and profitability objectives.

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Increase Profits

Unleash the value and opportunities hidden in the data with Predictive Analytics.

Get More Customers

Acquire, retain and grow profitable customer relationships with data-driven marketing decisions.

Manage Risk

Leverage Predictive Analytics to proactively identify, monitor, manage and control balance sheet risks.

Our Approach

Start small and expand capabilities driven by success and performance improvements.